About Myself

Born in the 9th of November 1968 in Alrange (France) I always lived in Luxembourg and therefore took the nationality once I was 18.

Dei Greng

Dei Greng

In 2010 I joined the polical party Dei Greng Contern for the local commune elections. The green party now has a colation with the DP and the LSAP.

Please support us for this years elections !!!

About GNU/Linux in Luxembourg

LiLux Tux

From about 1994 I started to use GNU/Linux and step by step used it more and more as well at home as at my former company the Luxembourgish Telecommunication Operator for their Internet platform.

In 1997 with some other GNU/Linux users we decided to found a Linux User Group for Luxembourg Read more...


Since 1999 I work for SES one of the major Satellite operator wolrdwide based in Luxembourg. There I implemented a system to allow High Speed access to the Internet using a Satellite dish. As you may guess most of the platform runs GNU/Linux too.

Prophecy the Multi user Dungeon (MUD) in Luxembourg

In 1997 along with Emil Eifrem we created the world Famous Prophecy MUD based on the books of David and Leigh Eddings. The Belgariad Read more...

Other Interests


After palying Oboe I now play Clarinet in the Harmonie Moutfort Medingen


With a Canon 5D I like to do lots of Photos for the APE-Contern, AURORE Oetrange, Schetter Theater Frenn and more/